Letter Contest


The aim of our Silent Scream competition, which will be held for the first time this year, is to draw attention to the problems of the elderly and people with mental health problems and to raise awareness in the society. The date of participation in the competition is between 30 November, 2019 – 30 January, 2020. The winner will receive 2,000 TL, the second will receive 1,500 TL and the third will receive 1,000 TL. Sponsors of the competition are Albank Ltd. and Asbank Ltd.

Competitors can compete in one of the following themes:

Mental Health: If you are having mental health problems or looking after your relatives who have mental health problems, you can participate in the competition by telling us your life story and the difficulties you face in society.

Elderly Rights: If you are an elderly, or an elderly relative who has been subjected to physical or moral abuse by your relatives or your environment, or you are an elderly relative who cares for the elderly under the most difficult conditions, you can write a letter and participate in the competition.

How to Apply: Letters are accepted in two ways. You can send your letter to the Elderly Rights and Mental Health Association by e-mail, or you can give us your address to be picked up by calling us from the regional phone numbers below.

Via E-mail: info@yaslihaklariveruhsagligi.org

Regional Phone Numbers: Nicosia:(0533) 864 99 55; Famagusta:(0542) 853 31 88; Iskele/Karpaz: (0548) 855 55 55; Lefke/Güzelyurt:(0533) 831 65 50; Kyrenia/Lapta:(0533) 831 65 50.

Note: Persons who do not wish to disclose their name may participate by nickname, and if they win an award, they may receive the award through an intermediary.

You can reach the Competition Announcement and Terms by clicking the “download” button below.