Our Projects

1) Fact Finding Report on Elderly Care Homes in North Cyprus:

This Project is supported by the Grow Civic Programme financed by the European Union.

In the northern part of the island, there is no “legal regulations” that regulates the elderly care homes. Hence, the standards that elderly care homes should have, are not legally set. It is not clear which institution is responsible from the approval and inspection of these homes. Within the scope of this project, the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health has examined the current status of all existing elderly care homes and Barış Psychiatric Hospital.

In this context, the Association of Elderly Rights and Mental Health conducted investigations on the issues such as physical infrastructure of the elderly care homes and the number of personnel including doctors and nurses and the problems of this sector are mentioned in the “Fact Finding Report”.

The project is currently pioneering the preparation and implementation of the law regulating elderly care homes. It also organizes various activities to raise awareness in the field of mental health and to destroy the existing stigma against mental patients.

You can download the report from the “download” button below.